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kollinz (IRC)

taThis user is a native speaker of Tamil.

Hi, I'm Anbarasan. my name literally means king of love. I spend my days compiling Gentoo :) I'm not a developer nor an engineer. I'm just roaming around and exploring new things. Traveled across many south Indian places. Love eating Dumplings and Pastries. That's not all about me, but enough to know who I am.

As I said above, I ain't know anything about programming. All I do is wandering and typing something in the terminal. So Hey, wanna gain wisdom by just reading 7 words, here let me type something for ya

aiwang@jarvis ~ $doas sh thirukkural --kural=426 --explanation=muva
doas (aiwang@jarvis) password:

எவ்வ துறைவ துலக முலகத்தோ 
டவ்வ துறைவ தறிவு.

'As dwells the world, so with the world to dwell
In harmony- this is to wisely live and well'

விளக்கம்: உலகம் எவ்வாறு நடைபெறுகின்றதோ, உலகத்தோடு பொருந்திய வகையில் தானும் அவ்வாறு நடப்பதே அறிவாகும்.

Explanation: To live as the world lives, is wisdom