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  • Unmask 5.26.1 ( ~October 7 )
  • On-going test-on-commit testing of perl-stuff against 5.26.1


  • Cleanup virtual/perl-Test-Simple
  • Cleanup virtual/perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
  • Cleanup virtual/perl-Module-CoreList
  • Investigate cleaning up the following perl-core once above cleanups are done:
     2 ./CPAN-Meta
     2 ./ExtUtils-Manifest
     4 ./Math-BigInt
     3 ./Module-CoreList
     2 ./Test-Simple
     2 ./Unicode-Collate
     2 ./Unicode-Normalize

Thinking about

  • A tool that generates a clone of gentoo.git except ignores every delete, and then scrubs it up into an overlay as gentoo-cemetary.git. It would be no larger than gentoo.git as git never really deletes anything. It wouldn't expect maintenance, only be an easier fallback for finding old versions for users who didn't want to do git sperlunking.
  • A feature like "binpkg" but "srcpkg": Generate a blob containing all necessary eclasses and source files as a stand-alone source ball, so that any kind of recompilation can be performed at a later date without relying on the tree state, only requiring dependencies being satisfied.


  • DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.72 -- Will need masking due to new Params-ValidationCompiler dep ( pulls in >=Test-Simple-1.3 )

LRU Finished