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Architecture Stable Keywords Testing Keywords
alpha Consistency Required Consistency Required
amd64 Consistency Required Consistency Required
amd64-fbsd ? ?
arm Consistency Required Consistency Required
arm64 See notes See Notes
hppa Consistency Required Consistency Required
ia64 Consistency Required Consistency Required
m68k ? ?
mips See notes See Notes
nios2 ? ?
ppc Consistency Required Consistency Required
ppc64 Consistency Required Consistency Required
riscv ? ?
s390 ? ?
sh ? ?
sparc Consistency Required Consistency Required
sparc-fbsd ? ?
x86 Consistency Required Consistency Required
x86-fbsd ? ?
  • Consistency Required - Packages keyworded for this architecture have mandatory consistency requirements, adding any new version must have all dependencies satisfied on this arch, and any stable package has mandatory requirements that there are also stable dependencies available on the same arch. Thus, you should include this arch when doing keyword/stabilization requests as applicable as a matter of habit.

Prefix Overview

Architecture Stable Keywords Testing Keywords
ppc-aix N/A ?
amd64-linux N/A ?
arm-linux N/A ?
arm64-linux N/A ?
ppc64-linux N/A ?
x86-linux N/A ?
ppc-macos N/A ?
x86-macos N/A ?
x64-macos N/A ?
m68k-mint N/A ?
sparc-solaris N/A ?
sparc64-solaris N/A ?
x64-solaris N/A ?
x86-solaris N/A ?
x86-winnt N/A ?
x64-cygwin N/A ?
x86-cygwin N/A ?
  • N/A - Stable keywords are not used on this architecture what so ever, any presence of stable keywords is an error and you can either simply ignore them, or revert them at your leisure.


x86 / amd64

Anyone who adds ebuilds for amd64 who has amd64 hardware can also keyword for x86 at the same time.


Overall status of tree is a bit broken, but there are active people who want to migrate it in the direction of consistency and eventually promote it to a stable arch. Subsequently, there's no panic to fix existing mistakes in keywording graphs in tree ( the arch testers are going to progressively fix that anyway ), but for any new changes that would require keywording or stabilization, treat them as if they were a stable arch. Make sure to ping xmw/leio in #gentoo-arm at very least if you're not feeling up to adding this arch to a bug req formally.


Similar treatment as arm64, although slightly different, as the testers in question would rather file down the number of packages to a smaller set that makes sense on the rare number of mips devices in the wild, which are mostly underpowered, especially graphically, reducing their utility to closet routers, and minimal desktops ( XFCE for instance )

Eventual consistency is desired, but more in the direction of nuking stable keywords.

Any Prefix Arch

Prefix uses a separate tree for most packages, and so its subsequently ok to keyword things for it as long as somebody gives feedback saying "it works" and the keywords are satisfied by that separate tree.