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GLEP : Community Relation (ComRel)'s purpose and abilities
Type Standards Track
Status Draft
Author Kristian Fiskerstrand <>
Replaced by (none)
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Draft GLEP


This GLEP outlines the purpose, responsibilities and abilities of the Gentoo Community Relations Project.


This GLEP aims to document the processes of the Community Relations Project and enpowering the project to operate on a wide scale across the Gentoo community, within the structure provided by this GLEP.


The stated goal for Gentoo Community Relations (ComRel) is to act as a meeting point for Gentoo Developers and advanced users. As such, Community Relations is concerned with both intra-developer relations as well as forming relations with advanced users and prospective developers.

When disputes between developers and/or advanced users occurs, the involved individuals are encouraged to (i) attempt to solve it between themselves; or (ii) if within a specific Project, involve the Project lead to try to make a determination. During these stages ComRel can act as an independent mediator to try to offer constructive points of discussion.

If the above fails, ComRel can be engaged to handle the dispute formally. In particular if a conflict occurs where the Code of Conduct (CoC) is violated ComRel can be required to make a decision that results in a disciplinary action. In order to achieve this purpose, the Community Relations Project require certain abilities and responsibilities as outlined in this GLEP in order to ensure the best interests of all users.

Community Relations Lead

* The Community Relations Project is required to have a Community Relations Project Lead
  (ComRel Lead)
* The ComRel Lead is chosen at least yearly by private or public election
  among the members of the Community Relations Project.
* The ComRel Lead is required to be confirmed by the Council.
* The ComRel Lead's term expires one year after confirmation, and during any
  period that the position is vacant the council may appoint an interim lead.
* The ComRel Lead can choose one member as a Deputy. The Deputy has all of
  its powers directly delegated from the ComRel Lead and thus the Deputy's
  actions and decisions should be considered equal to those of the ComRel Lead.  
* The Deputy is directly responsible to the ComRel Lead and its actions
  reflects upon the ComRel Lead.

Joining the Project

* All members wanting to join the Project needs to be approved by the
  ComRel Lead (or if a Deputy is appointed; the Deputy).
* The applicant must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the duties
  he or she would like to perform.
* The applicant must have successfully completed the Gentoo Developer quiz.
* By accepting the applicant the ComRel Lead will accept the responsibility
  to direct them as part of the team and will be held responsible for any
  action the Project Member takes on behalf of the Community Relations Project.
* The ComRel Lead can remove a member from the Community Relations Project whenever

Disciplinary action and resolution


Documentation of process

The Project shall have procedures in place to document its process and regularly update the documentation including proposing changes of the Code of Concuct[1] to Gentoo Council.



This GLEP describes the Gentoo Community Relations Project purpose, role and abilities.

Backwards Compatibility

Not applicable for this GLEP.


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