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Gentoo Champions are the public representatives of Gentoo. Champions ensure that the public understands Gentoo’s philosophy and is aware of ongoing projects. Additionally, Champions are responsible for assisting in growing the Gentoo community and contributors, acting as representatives and liaisons between other FOSS projects and the Gentoo community. Champions can represent Gentoo at Linux User Groups (LUGs), conferences, installfests, on social media, and in mailing lists.

The roles below are only suggestions for contributing as a Gentoo Champion. You can contribute in many different ways, limited by your imagination only.

Gentoo Champion Goals

  • Demonstrate and promote Gentoo projects
  • Represent Gentoo at local events and conferences
  • Encourage increased Gentoo contribution


Representing Gentoo at events is an important part of being a Champion. We are looking for contributors who can represent Gentoo by manning a booth, distributing media, demonstrating projects, and organizing events on behalf of the project. See the conference schedule for a list of events.


Is it necessary to be Gentoo developer or staff to be a Gentoo Champion?

No. Anyone can assist in representing Gentoo. However, being a Gentoo Champion is one way to make continued and substantial contribution to the Gentoo project and become a Gentoo Developer.

What do I have to do to join?

Come visit us on #gentoo-pr and contact the Champions team.

What can I do as a Champion?

That’s up to your imagination! Some suggestions:

  • Speak at local events (LinuxFests, LUGs, etc.) where others are interested in learning about Linux and discuss the advantages of Gentoo
  • Assist Gentoo in manning booths at events
  • Join a hackerspace and promote Gentoo for embedded systems and/or towards software developers
  • Participate in and/or organize Gentoo hackathons and installfests
  • Participate actively in mailing lists, forums, IRC channels
  • Manage social media groups
  • Serve as regional POCs
  • Come up with new ideas to promote Gentoo
  • Interview Gentoo Developers for a recurring newsletter in order for the user base to get to know them, ask questions, etc.
  • Report on attending conferences, LUGs, etc.
  • Standardize marketing material (media, presentations, handouts, artwork, etc.)
  • Work with localization teams to extend global reach