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Contact info
josephg (IRC)
i am a work in progress.. please feel free to contribute!

Having sailed through many adventures through #opensource, I have recently arrived at Gentoo land :)

I find myself vehemently agreeing with the Gentoo Philosophy, and enamoured by it's Social Contract. I am grateful to the folks in this community who have gone out of the their way in easing my Gentoo experiences. So here I am, looking to see who/where I can help. I do everything and nothing. Feel free to get in touch, and ask for anything. You may have to help me to help you.

I have been a long-term Debian user, occasionally flitting back & forth Arch. I also use OpenBSD, Alpine, and Void. You can ask me about those too.

I spend most of my time on the console, and GUIs only when needed. I'm very much into minimalism, and continuously lookout for smaller & more efficient packages.
Adding more features in a package just adds more bugs, making it more bloatware.

Less is more.. The Unix Way!

I don't like this Wiki force capitalising words, usernames, etc :/
Someone (speaking for the wiki project) doesn't like my attitude, and told me to stay off his docs! If you need me, find me elsewhere.. I won't be on this wiki anymore :( Good-bye!