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This was stolen from Uncyclopedia for use in jerichowasahoax's user page. It's documentation follows.

Proper usage



which produces

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Handbook?

Multiple links

This template supports anywhere from one to five entries. To add more, just do it like this:

{{User:Jerichowasahoax/Whoops|Handbook|Handbook:Main Page|Handbook:AMD64|Handbook:X86|Main Page}}

This produces:

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Handbook, or Handbook:Main Page? How about Handbook:AMD64, or Handbook:X86? Possibly even Main Page?

Alternate text

You may also use the alt1, alt2, alt3, alt4, and alt5 parameter(s) to provide alternate text for your link(s). Example:

{{User:Jerichowasahoax/Whoops|Handbook|alt1=a manual}}

Which gives you:

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for a manual?

The number corresponds to the index of the unnamed parameter you used for the link, i.e. the first link address corresponds with alt1.

Improper usage

Once upon a time it was only possible to use one entry per usage of the template, so pages tended to get spammed with several instances of {{Whoops}}. If you see a page with multiple instances of this template, please eliminate unfunny ones and condense them into single templates. If you have to have more than five links, you're probably[1] doing it wrong.

  1. Definitely!