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My name is Jacob and I'm interested in Gentoo linux in particular and retro hardware. I also like single board computers, they are nifty.

I'm most active on Matrix and E-mail ( I do not use any proprietary software such as discord. I'm willing to use IRC to communicate but I don't actively use it.

Gentoo user since 2020
Contact info

📄 Articles written

📝 Todo list

  • Install Gentoo on a powermac G4 (ppc32) and write an article about it if needed
  • Fix several probelms on The universal rpi install guide
  • Make an article on the Phosh desktop environment when I receive a touchscreen for raspberry pi.

🖥️ Devices that I use(d) Gentoo on

  • ThinkPad X200
  • ThinkPad T410
  • IdeaPad 15ARE05
  • x86 Pentium 4 Dell
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 460CDT
  • Clevo N350DW (daily driver)
  • Custom server (R5 5500)
  • Custom PC (R5 2600) ("Console" PC under TV)
  • Raspberry pi 4
  • Raspberry pi 5