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Use mac-fdisk to create the partition map.

root #mac-fdisk /dev/sda
  1. Press i to initialize partition map.
  2. Press b to create boot partition, enter 64 as the first black and press return.
  3. Press c to create a Linux partition and enter 1664 as the first block, create the partition to the desired size.
  4. Press l to see the next available block.
  5. Press C to create a swap parition, enter 4p as the first block and size to use the remaining space.
  6. Confirm the choices and write to disk with w.

File Systems

root #mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3
root #mkswap /dev/sda4


root #mkdir /mnt/gentoo
root #mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/gentoo
root #swapon /dev/sdb4

Gentoo Stage

unpack create stage in /mnt/gentoo

Chroot in

Do chroot stuff here


root #emerge-webrsync
root #emerge --sync