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Paul Gover
Contact info

About me

I'm a grey-haired old fart who plays with computers. Before I retired, IBM paid me to do the same, while giving me the grey hair for free.

I created my first program using an 029 card punch to create input in Fortran IV for an IBM 1130 computer. I still have an object deck for my PL/I(F) program to print a calendar (millenium-bug free, of course). That dates me.


  • Jaguar car enthusiast
  • Owner of several Raspberry Pi's
  • ...and Gentoo Linux, also Arch.

I don't work on any projects, just lurk on the forums.

My hardware

  • Home built floor-stander bought 2020, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor, 16 GB, 512GB NVMe & 5 disk RAID10 array;
  • Acer Aspire 3201 desktop bought about 2006, 4-way AMD Phenom, now with 6GB memory and 4 disk RAID5 array;
  • HP 15" laptop bought 2018, AMD a9-9420, 4GB memory 480GB SSD (was 1TB disk);
  • Raspberry Pi B3 running Arch linux as network print and scan, radicale CardDAV/CalDEV, ntp, SMTP mail hub, dnsmasq DNS/DHCP server and "cloud" backup server; and
  • Raspberry Pi 4 running Arch linux (to be replaced with Gentoo when I've the time) running Hercules emulating an IBM 4381 running VM/370 Rel 6.


Possibly useful stuff




User:Goverp/Kernel building from userspace


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