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I managed to depclean my gentoo-sources away and 4.18.5 is no longer supported so I'm upgrading to 4.20.3.

root #make syncconfig

Asked too many quesions one by one. So then I ran make olddefconfig and looked at the diffs:

root #make olddefconfig

Also turned on NTFS and FUSE

root #genkernel --install all

Genkernal hangs at Cleaning:

* Gentoo Linux Genkernel; Version
* Running with options: --install all

* Using genkernel.conf from /etc/genkernel.conf
* Sourcing arch-specific from /usr/share/genkernel/arch/x86_64/ ..
* Sourcing arch-specific modules_load from /usr/share/genkernel/arch/x86_64/modules_load ..
* Linux Kernel 4.20.3-gentoo for x86_64...
* .. with config file /usr/share/genkernel/arch/x86_64/generated-config
Files /usr/src/linux/.config and /usr/share/genkernel/arch/x86_64/generated-config differ
*         Previous config backed up to .config--2019-01-20--11-33-53.bak
* kernel: Using config from /usr/share/genkernel/arch/x86_64/generated-config
* kernel: >> Running mrproper...
* kernel: --oldconfig is disabled; not running 'make oldconfig'.
* kernel: >> Cleaning...

Got it to work with:

root #genkernel --kernel-config=../linux-4.20.3-gentoo/.config --install --no-clean all

Added sources to the world file so it wouldn't be deleted again:

root #emerge -n sys-kernel/gentoo-sources:4.20.3