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short summary of tests done at zfs bump (INCOMPLETE WIP)

  1. build-test both zfs and zfs-kmod on any supported kernel on different arches, most important is amd64 ofc.
  2. build-test zfs-kmod in builtin mode (being embedded into linux source)
  3. boot-test systemd system with dracut
  4. boot-test openrc system with dracut
  5. runtime-tests: test zfs scrub on booted system, test zfs-send, preferably to slight older zfs, but within same branch.
  6. compare list of installed files in sys-fs/zfs (qlist -e sys-fs/zfs before and after)
  7. skim thru files in /etc and /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/90zfs, compare contents for breaking changes.
  8. Look for changelog upstream.
  9. Update ZFS_KERNEL_COMPAT string in ebuild to match upstream release META file. Sometimes upstream updates release notes but skips updating META file, using release notes version is fine.
  10. sync live ebuild if changes made. ZFS_KERNEL_COMPAT is not checked in live ebuild, but sometimes it's set higher than release versions, so ^ adjust in release ebuild as required.
  11. Verify subslot of sys-fs/zfs. currently we are tracking libzfs only. e.g. will become SLOT="0/4"
  12. Don't forget to close or update any affected bugs on gentoo bugzilla.