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i am Michel aka 'frig', which doesn't stand for anything. Thats it, if you somehow happen to find an older description of the word in any dictionary <.< .

My main objective is to be an adversary for the (libre)Opensource, Linux-Community and Operating platforms. Not in a fanatical way but in a way that people become convinced, that they can use (in a productional manner) free and opensource Software. I do hope, that the year of the desktop linux will wait a bit longer so i can enjoy it a bit more to help and encourage people to try and learn. Nothing is more fun then to learn from one another, something you only learn when you are dependent on commnunity work, which i finally want to contribute... well... by at least sometimes editing typos of off Wiki-entries. I'm on Gentoo as my real (as in >>learning to use the command line<<) entry to the opensource-world began on FreeBSD which brought the Ports-System with it, which is still one of my favorit Softwaredistributionssystem when it comes to avoiding unnecessary overhead and bulk brought in by bloated packages. And Gentoo offers exactly that with the Portage-System, plus you get the whole "do it all by hand"-fun too, isn't it great?! <3