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Contact info
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f1r31c3r (Yahoo)
f1r31c3r cooper

About me

Hi, I'm Chris AKA f1r31c3r!

I am an electronics engineer with a passion for technology. Due to the political affairs and corrupt extreme capitalism that exists in the UK i have stopped inventing things. I am worn down and sick to death of my inventions and innovations being stolen by corporations with enough backing, political backing and blatant disrespect for innovators. I now just ponder on with a dead end job but put my efforts into Gentoo and the free software community and have joined politics to fight for freedom in software and hardware, taking all my electronics engineering skills to the top. "What a waste" many say to me but I will never get on my knees, never! I'll die before I do.

I have the utmost respect for the entire GNU Linux community and that includes all the Gentoo community that prop up and distribute this amazing software distribution, I personally think that Gentoo is the most powerful distributed operating system in the world. The freedom to choose in anyway shape or form closed or open programs, freedom respecting software only options to custom and binary blobbed packages leaving it up to the end user to make the choice. It is the ultimate distribution by far.

Yes I am a HAM radio operator 2E0FCZ which stands for 2 = License type technical class, E = England country code, 0 = first generation of the call sign, FCZ = Foxtrot Charlie Zooloo which is Fireicer Cooper Zaboulon(My habitation).

Here are some of my interests:

  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Fast cars
  • Politics
  • HAM Radio
  • Hacking
  • Mechanics
  • Cooking
  • Motorbikes
  • Music, playing musical instrument(guitar)
  • ...and Gentoo Linux, of course!

My projects

I like to work on these projects:

  • Gentoo GNU Linux
  • Linux Kernel
  • Documentation
  • Grub
  • CoreBoot
  • IPv6 and IPsec
  • Freedombox
  • Unreal Engine

My hardware

Here is a list of some of my hardware that I use to run Gentoo:

  • HP G60 laptop Gentoo 1
  • HP Pavilion Gentoo 2
  • Intel Xeon dual socket gen V3 Gentoo 1
  • Intel Xeon dual socket Gen V2 Gentoo 3
  • AMD 4 socket MP Istanbul Gentoo 4


Lets make Gentoo better together!