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Been using Gentoo since.. quite a while. Definitely my favourite distro despite compilation times - I even have an i386 Alix router with Gentoo.

Hacker of many things, including electronics, number theory, welding, thermodynamics, 40-ton trucks, and life in general.

Started a hackerspace in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland : official website has some info


Nothing special beyond, since I'm always dealing with niche needs and issues, finding a few bugs or other things here and there that can be improved.


While portage is definitely one of the best around, I still think it can be "improved" massively : in the future, I hope to actually start my own meta-distribution, keeping a great lot of Gentoo, possibly some from SourceMage, to make it comfortable to use arbitrary git repositories (and branches) to populate the system, including extensive logging of what was updated when in order to keep track of the cause of problems, and track down software packages that need a development effort to ie. make them comply to new versions of dependencies and fill needs.