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GLEP : Handling kernels with portage
Type Standards Track
Status Draft
Author Elias Probst <>
Replaced by (none)
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This GLEP proposes a way to improve the handling of Kernels in Gentoo.




The way how Kernels are built is currently mostly out of Portage's control which comes with the following disadvantages:

  • Kernels need to be built manually using an external tool like genkernel and require additional knowledge of users about Kernel configuration.
  • Kernel config options defined in an ebuild aren't handled as dependency, they are only tested in pkg_pretend() when installing a package.
  • Changes in the configuration of the current Kernel aren't detected by Portage, so (accidentally) disabling a Kernel config option which is required by a currently installed package doesn't raise any warnings/errors during a @world update.
  • The manual approach to Kernel configuration/building doesn't allow to manage Kernels in a fully automated environment managed by configuration management tools like SaltStack or Puppet and requires a full manually maintained Kernel configuration to be provided for each specific Kernel version before it can be deployed.



Backwards Compatibility

Reference Implementation


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