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Working on…

  • Fix semantically inconsistent UL/OL paragraph spacing
  • Revamp site navigation
  • Is tyrian.min.css being included multiple times per page? Why are bootstrap.css and bootstrap.min.css both included?
  • Every user page I found except for the page editor itself exists inside /wiki/ …which of course is itself under the wiki subdomain of If this is true, there should be a way to serve those routes directly. (e.g, split routing of content requests and resource requests, and conceal/protect routing to script/boot files)

Nav UX notes

navigation: where a piece (especially page or screen) of content is in relation to the rest of the content

The navbar revamp project has not moved since 2020, but site navigation is still unconventional.

  1. More and more, typing into a search box is becoming a preferred way to navigate inside a site/app/OS, but the search box is currently presented in the third-tier (page-level) navbar. It should be at or near the top, as primary site navigation.
  2. The Wiki tag next to the logo is small for being such an important part of the context.
  3. The sites dropdown button takes up a fair bit of room for information usually left to a site’s footer. But if it’s really that important, perhaps it and the Wiki tag could be combined.
  4. Recent Changes, Help, and Contribute! in the second (project-level) navbar are quick links, not true navigation. These also seem like they would traditionally be in the footer. They should also be on the homepage, if they aren’t already. Their placement reflects the main site’s navbar structure. How important is it that the different projects should share content in the project-level navbar?
  5. The Main Page button probably isn’t needed. It’s a strong convention that clicking the site logo navigates to the site’s home/index/starting/main/etc. page. Accessibility can be handled through alt-text.
  6. Do new users know why they have both an inbox and a notification list?
  7. It would be nice to reduce all three User buttons to a single button + counter. Perhaps a drawer could open to the side, showing basic user info + options and the notification list.