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About me

Some info

  • Started using Linux full time: 2001.
  • Started using Gentoo full time: 2016.
  • Most used Distro: Slackware (2001-Now).
  • First *NIX used: Solaris 9.
  • First and current Linux used: RHEL/CoreOS.


"But what's a cmyster?" you might ask…

My grandfather came to pick me up from kindergarten like every other day. We talked about things that happened today, and suddenly he stopped and hushed me, and bent to pick something up. It was a classic golden “Ω Seamaster” and little me, who couldn't read yet, had to relay on memory to explain later what he'd found.

The way he pronounced it in his heavy Yiddish accent sounded like a German "Zee Meister" but shorter and softer. Years later when I was asked to define a unique name for the first time, I remembered that word for some reason and tried to reconstruct seamaster with that pronunciation, thus cmyster was born!