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I just bought a B650 Plus Wi-Fi motherboard for my new computer and was unable to find the proper Wi-Fi drivers in the default Linux Gentoo kernel of 6.1. This is because the particular Wi-Fi card I was using (the Realtek RTL8852BE) does not have support in the current Linux LTS kernel of 6.1 included with Gentoo.

In order to fix this issue, you need to unmask a version of the kernel newer than 6.3 (I used 6.6.8) and install that. Then, you will find the RTL8852BE driver when using make menuconfig. It's under device drivers, networking, and 802.11ax cards made by Realtek. The default gentoo-sources package as of 2023-12-30 when I wrote this does not support this model of card. Don't download random kernel modules from GitHub.