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Ari Malinen
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causes (IRC)

User info
Gentoo user since 2006 (profile: 2006.0)
fiThis user is a native speaker of Finnish.
en-3This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.


I have been Gentoo Linux user since 2006. I use my system mostly for web browsing, chatting, programming and music composing. I contribute to the community by reporting and fixing bugs, developing tools, maintaining ebuilds and writing to wikis.


My portage overlay:
My wiki contributions: Special:Contributions/Causes

Tool selection

Window manager: dwm-git, dmenu-git, dwm-6.1-cfacts.patch, dwm-6.1-pertag.patch, dwm-6.1-shiftview.patch
Terminal: st-git, tmux, bash
Editor: vim
Image viewer: sxiv
Web browser: firefox, surf-git, tabbed
Music player: mpd, ncmpcpp
Video player: mpv
Document viewer: evince
Office: libreoffice
Irc: irssi
Bittorrent: transmission
Cron: scron-git
Syslog: syslog-ng
Networking: wpa_supplicant, iproute2, dhcpcd
Bootloader: EFI stub