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Community member
Name Bastien

Gentoo user since 2022

Hi, I'm Bastien. I'm a librarian by profession, based in Europe. I studied humanities and languages. After following some programming courses, I became more and more interested in computers, I definitively switched to Linux and settled on Gentoo, because no other operating systems gave me so much freedom and control. Gentoo simply rocks! Here are possible contributions to the Gentoo community I would like to make in the future:

  • Translations (English/French/German)
  • I like to create some small utilities (shell, python, or lua scripts; just on intermediate level, I'm not a dev) to make my PC-life easier; if they are good enough, I can share some tricks/give some tips.
  • Creating an overlay for softwares related to libraries, humanities or text-editing/text-mining.

Other "linuxy" things I'm interested in:

  • Wayland and wlroots ecosystem.

Non computer-related hobbies:

  • Playing and listening to music, hiking, traveling, cooking, yoga...

Running Gentoo on

  • Desktop (Workstation/Gaming): Intel i7 11th gen. / Motherboard B560M / 32G RAM
  • Laptop (Work): Lenovo Thinkpad L14
  • In project: a small custom NAS, either on Gentoo or on Freebsd.

Other operating systems I'm currently using or I've used in the past

Linux: Void Linux, Arch Linux, Ubuntu

Microsoft Windows