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This article describes the setup of Gentoo Linux on an Example Computer (TM).


This page serves as an overview for the setup and link for each device the relevant articles, which describes the necessary installation and configuration step by step.


Note: Depending on the specific model not all listed devices are included in your computer.
The stated driver under Driver is to be used for the linked article.
Type Device Model Status Driver Note
Processor Processor Intel Core2 Duo Intel Core 2
Graphics card onboard Intel GMA X3100 Full intel
Graphics card dedicated NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M Partial nouveau See note
Graphics card dedicated ATI something Full radeon
Interfaces Bluetooth Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Full btusb
Misc Fingerprint reader SGS Thomson Microelectronics Full fprint



The nouveau driver only supports 2D acceleration on this chipset. For 3D acceleration use the NVIDIA driver.