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Ashley Dixon
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Wakefield, West Yorkshire
British English
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I'm a student of Mathematics and programmer, primarily interested in Operating Systems and Device Drivers, particularly for embedded systems. I tend to keep work private until it is in a usable state, at which point I release it under the Public Domain. My interests regarding Mathematics primarily regard Complex Analysis (Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable) and Differential Geometry.

I use Gentoo every day, across seven machines, managed from a single local server. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to use the proprietary Wolfram Mathematica, due to it being twenty years ahead of any other symbolic-analysis software, however all other software, including my B.I.O.S., is completely Libre, and often started as a personal project.

My most recent development interest, created for my A-level Computer Science qualification, is an ultra-efficient fractal-renderer, exploiting homogenous G.P.U. cores to render individual pixels of a fractal in a truly parallel fashion. I will shortly be releasing this as open-source on my web-site, and potentially adding it to Portage.

Anyone having any issues or questions regarding the aforementioned sub-specialities can e-mail me using the Gentoo web-form displayed in the InfoBox, or using my direct address. The latter of which can be easily found on my web-site. My instance of cgit can be found by prepending the git subdomain to my web-site. Please note that I no longer use GitHub, since its annexation by μsoft. All code will be hosted on my personal cgit instance.

My hardware probe can be found at

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