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Hi Welcome to my userpage on github wiki.

I will be using this to talk about my overlay:

Currently it features an assortment of ebuilds.

Most of my ebuilds are build automatically by syndication. The exceptions are:

  • Anything in acct-user or acct-group
  • Some of the earlier ones I made such as:
    • app-dicts/lojban-dicts <-- These don't change often or at all plus there is no syndication to follow
    • media-fonts/victorian-modern-cursive-script <-- No syndication
    • media-fonts/llamattf <-- No syndication

I will be trying to continue fully automated construction of ebuilds using github actions. I plan to make it more sophisticated with testing in the future. I will try support them if people use them, however there might be short comings.

Current projects:

  • Get AI apps into repositories
    • Encourage model sharing -- Requires more time
  • Get more go apps into portage
  • Automate AppImage repos
  • Work on getting flutter and dart to the state you can compile them - Currently the state of the flutter SDK is ill conceived for Linux users. (It modifies it's application directory and expects to be able to continue doing this.)
  • Put some old lojban things back into portage -- while I don't do anything with it now surely someone will

Feel free to leave me issues for general communication as well here: