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Company that use Gentoo

The purpose of this page is to collect information on all current products that are based on Gentoo. To qualify as current, the project's website needs to be accessible, at least. To qualify as based on Gentoo product, the product needs to have an operating system based on Gentoo.

Known derivatives

You are welcome to extend and/or update the list below. Before adding a new entry, please verify that the product OS in question is actually based on Gentoo. Thanks!
Name Website Primary language Description
Chromium OS English "Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web."
Pepper English "The Operating System of the robot."
OnHub English "Better. Faster. Router."
Gentoo Studio English Gentoo Studio is an actively maintained, source-based, 64-bit real-time Linux audio production system based on Gentoo Linux. It is designed to allow users to have a broad range of audio applications out-of-the-box, and to allow a high level of customization not generally available to other Linux audio distributions.