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Feel free to add and/or correct information. I'm very new, it will be easy for me to misinterpret things from a decade and a half ago, and this sort of metadata is much easier to track the closer we get to today.


Name Nick Mentor Recruiter Joined Retired Bugs
Torben Hohn torbenh 2003-05-04 20493
Jeraimee Hughes a.sleep
Alex Legler a3li Hans de Graaf (graaff) Peter Volkov (pva) 2009-01-18 2018-07-13 242052
Brad Laue brad Jon Portnoy (avenj) 2003-06-02 2006-08-05 20440 133109
Stephen Diener sediener 2003-07-29 2005-11-20 20441

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