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Copyright Violation (


thanks for your contributions. Please note that you may '''not''' copy contents from '''' due to incompatible licenses. To avoid legal issues, please '''refrain''' from adding contents that are not licensed under the terms of the [ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)] license.

If you have any questions regarding licensing, feel free to ask for help. Please also make a note of the notes posted below the edit box and our [[Gentoo Wiki:Copyrights|copyrights information page]].

I have deleted the pages I have found in violation of the license terms. Should you have added more contents that are not properly licensed, please remove them.

I'm looking forward to seeing further, original or properly licensed contributions from you.


Translator acounts


this is a quick notice for you that your '''translator account''' has been enabled.

If you were the first translator for your language, please start by properly translating the [[Help:Translating]] article into your language using the translation tools.

Should you wish to translate into other languages as well in the future, please add yourself again to the [[Gentoo Wiki:Translator account requests|translator account request page]].