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This page contains a few guidelines you should follow when contributing to our Wiki. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, as we trust you use common sense wherever possible.


Do choose your page title carefully
When describing software like the Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), name the page after the most common usage, i.e. GRUB, and not Grand Unified Bootloader. Do not add additional terms unless they are needed to remove an ambiguity, so don't call the page GRUB bootloader unless there's another software called GRUB.
Don't duplicate the official Gentoo documentation.
This includes especially the Gentoo Handbook. Having two copies or similar versions of the same content will eventually lead to inconsistencies.
Don't create short articles you will fill in later.
Such ultra-short stubs don't look nice, neither are they useful. Please use a page in your user space, for instance User:Name/Postfix to start a draft of your article on Postfix. You can rename it later on using the "move" functionality in the toolbar.
Don't create link lists
Our Wiki is a place for verbatim explanations of various topics, not a link list. Search engines and web directories are much better at providing up-to-date links pertaining to a topic. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a set of 'see also' links at the end of an article to point readers who want even more information than what is available in the article in the right direction.