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Wow it's been a long time since I wrote one of these... I have been keeping up with monthly stage building there hasn't been much to write about, until now!

As a reminder, sources can be found at:

Release Notes

armv7a - xorg (bindist)

The xorg stage (in the bindist branch) failed to build due to spidermonkey not liking the rust compiler. Since these packages are the longest builds on armv7a, it's not really worth continually retrying to resolve this so this stage has been skipped this month.

systemd-boot 247

Not really a substrate change but systemd 247 is now stable in gentoo, which means it is pulled into the stages. One thing that has changed is that kernel-install now detects if your ESP contains your machine-id folder '/$ESP/$machine-id/' and if not will not install a kernel or boot loader entry.

When installing, create the folder manually (before running kernel-install):

root #mkdir /efi/$(</etc/machine-id)

More patches upstream

More of my patches have been included in the upstream catalyst master branch.

There's still plenty of patches to go, including the embedded-systemd target and the 3-step livecd creation process.

New build machine

Coming too late to affect this build, but going forward I hope to spend a lot more time building and testing substrate on my new comet lake i9 desktop machine.