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Hi June! I mentioned there were some leftover tasks from last month's updates. Well they're here now!


catalyst 3.1/4

More changes hit the catalyst tree before I finalised the May builds, so now I've incorporated everything up to git master.

  • Catalyst now mounts the squashfs snapshot instead of unpacking it.
    • Because of this change, I've switched to using the LZO compressed snapshots instead of the XZ compressed.
    • The default useflags for squashfs-tools enabled XZ but disabled LZO unpacking.
    • LZO is enabled by default on the HP Chromebook 11 G1 kernel, whereas XZ was not enabled on any of my machines.
  • catalyst.conf is now in TOML format. pytoml was a dependency added last month.

I've also started to get some of the more agreeable patches upstream so I can stop maintaining my own branch and go back to using released packages. We'll see how that goes.

Releng seed stages

Releng updated the armv7a_hardfp and amd64-systemd seed stages on the releases mirror to be XZ compressed, and to simplify the scripts, XZ will now be the default format. I may consider using pixz in a future update, but this has issues with pyDeComp right now...


I've added an amd64 embedded stage that contains enough python (and some other deps) to run most of the OpenStack API services. My OpenStack knowledge is a bit lacking in the agents and daemons part of running OpenStack, so I'm not sure how far a cloud could run in this.



  • upstream stage3 seed: 20200531T214503Z


  • upstream seed stage3: 20200509T210605Z

No issues!