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This page intends to organize required actions to prepare the announced shutdown of (bug #612500)

List of packages

Use the MD5 cache:

user $cd $(portageq get_repo_path / gentoo)/metadata/md5-cache; grep -lR "" | sort | uniq


  • DONE 2017-03-13 bug #612500 report on bugzilla (Harald Weiner)
  • DONE 2017-06-11 bug #612500 create tracker bug on bugzilla (jonasstein)
  • DONE 2017-06-11 Find out which packages need to be fixed exactly. (jonasstein)
  • DONE 2017-06-11 send mail to gentoo-dev (jonasstein)
  • TODO after 2017-??-?? Pmask
  • TODO verify, that all ebuilds are mirrored. Mirror all source files (tar balls...), add link here, add link to log which packages failed to mirror.
  • TODO a shut down repository makes repoman really sad, so repoman should tell the user about its feelings ;-) bug #601476
  • TODO Create statistics on the progress.
  • TODO send the mail to maintainers of remaining broken ebuilds

packages to fix (2022-07-05)