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  • DONE 2019-04-12 bug #683184 create tracker bug on bugzilla (jonasstein)
  • DONE Find out which packages need to be fixed exactly.
  • DONE make bugs for individual packages and add to tracker bug
  • TODO mail to gentoo-dev
  • DONE verify, that all ebuilds are mirrored. Mirror all source files (tar balls...), add link here, add link to log which packages failed to mirror.
  • TODO a shut down repository makes repoman really sad, so repoman should tell the user about its feelings ;-) bug #601476
  • TODO Create statistics on the progress.
  • TODO send the mail to maintainers of remaining broken ebuilds

List of packages (2022-07-05)

Used the following commands to compile a list of packages with either the old host in SRC_URI or HOMEPAGE:

user $cd /var/db/repos/gentoo/metadata/md5-cache; grep "URI=" -R | grep "alioth\.debian\.org"
user $cd /var/db/repos/gentoo/metadata/md5-cache; grep "HOMEPAGE=" -R | grep "alioth\.debian\.org"
app-dicts/myspell-nn-2.0.10 (only SRC_URI)
app-laptop/pommed-1.39-r2 (only SRC_URI)
app-emacs/analog-1.9.99 (only HOMEPAGE)