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uMurmur is a minimalistic server for Mumble designed to run on embedded systems (DD-WRT or OpenWRT) or older PC hardware. It does not include the QT framework, which makes it a much smaller package and lighter on system resources.


USE flags

USE flags for net-voip/umurmur Minimalistic Murmur (Mumble server)

gnutls Prefer net-libs/gnutls as SSL/TLS provider (ineffective with USE=-ssl)
mbedtls Use net-libs/mbedtls as TLS provider
shm Enable shared memory support


Install uMurmur via:

root #emerge --ask net-voip/umurmur


For the most up to date details on configuration visit the configuration article on uMurmur's GitHub page.

In short, configuration is as follows.


  • /etc/conf.d/umurmurd - File that controls what options are passed to the umurmurd daemon upon starting or restarting.
  • /etc/umurmur/umurmur.conf - Primary configuration file. Used to set channel names, IP addresses, group names, password, etc.

Modify the primary configuration file as desired. Be sure to set a password if the service should be private:

FILE /etc/umurmur/umurmur.conf
password = "mysecretpassword";



After configuration is in a working state, start the server:

root #rc-service umurmurd start

To have the daemon start each time the system boots add it to the default runlevel:

root #rc-update add umurmurd default

To restart the service:

root #rc-service umurmurd restart


For systemd users, run the following command to start the daemon:

root #systemctl start umurmurd.service

To have the daemon start on system boot issue:

root #systemctl enable umurmurd.service

To restart the service:

root #systemctl restart umurmurd.service

See also

  • Mumble — an open source, cross platform, low-latency, high quality voice over IP (VoIP) client.
  • Skype — a proprietary application owned by Microsoft for instant messaging, VoIP calls, and video conversations.

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