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This is a guide on how to configure and install the Trust Flex graphics tablet using the Wizardpen driver provided by a portage overlay. This guide may also be modified to work with other non-Wacom graphics tablets compatible with the Wizardpen driver however this article is only about the Trust Flex graphics tablet.

Some of these steps may not be necessary however they are all of the steps which the original author of this article took in order to get the tablet working.

Kernel options

In order for the Trust Flex graphics tablet to work, the following options specific to the Trust Flex tablet need to be selected during the kernel configuration:

KERNEL Example output after searching for WALTOP
Symbol: HID_WALTOP [=y]                       
Type  : tristate                               
Prompt: Waltop                        
    -> Device Drivers           
      -> HID support 
        -> HID bus support (HID [=y])
(1)       -> Special HID drivers            
  Defined at drivers/hid/Kconfig:319       
  Depends on: INPUT [=y] && HID [=y]

After this the kernel must be recompiled and booted into.

It is sufficient to enable HID_WALTOP as a module, build it, and plug the tablet in to make it work. The Wizardpen driver is not required.

Modifying xorg.conf

Next it is important to add a section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf that defines the tablet as an input device. This can be accomplished by editing or creating (if it does not exist yet) /etc/X11/xorg.conf to contain the following:

FILE /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier  "tablet"
   Driver  "wizardpen"
   Option  "Device"  "/dev/tablet"

Adding udev rules

As udev is the device manager and handles all user space actions when adding or removing devices, udev rules for the tablet must be created so that it functions properly. The following file must be created and edited as shown:

FILE /etc/udev/rules.d/67-xorg-wizardpen.rules
ENV{ID_VENDOR_ID}=="172f", ENV{ID_MODEL_ID}=="0038", ENV{x11_driver}="wizardpen"
ENV{x11_driver}=="wizardpen", KERNEL=="event*" ENV{ID_INPUT.tags}="wizardpen"
ENV{x11_driver}=="wizardpen", KERNEL=="event*", ENV{ID_INPUT_TABLET}="1"

Compiling the Wizardpen driver

The information in this section is probably outdated. You can help the Gentoo community by verifying and updating this section.
This repository has been removed from the official listing and is in need of updating.

The Wizardpen driver necessary for the functioning of this and other Wizardpen compatible tablets will be installed from the wavilen portage overlay. After installing and configuring eselect repository, the overlay can be installed using the following commands:

root #eselect repository enable wavilen

Then sync the repos:

root #emerge --sync

and finally compile the wizardpen driver itself:

root #emerge -av wizardpen

Finally reboot and plug in your Trust Flex graphics tablet. The tablet should now be functioning in software that supports it such as GIMP and mypaint.