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Files and directories
To know Portage in-depth, first learn where it stores its files and data.
Portage is completely configurable, with several options that can be set in a configuration file, or as environment variables.
Mixing software branches
Gentoo provides software separated in several branches, depending on stability and architectural support. "Mixing Software Branches" explains how these branches can be configured and how to override this separation individually.
Additional tools
Portage comes with a few extra tools that might make the Gentoo experience even better. Read on to discover how to use dispatch-conf and other tools.
Custom package repository
This chapter gives some tips and tricks on how to use a custom package repository, how to synchronize only the required categories, how to inject packages, and more.
Advanced features
As time passes, Portage evolves and matures. New features are continually being added. Many of these are useful only to the more experienced user. This chapter explains some of Portage's newer features.