Tracking changes to "/etc" with git for backup

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Tracking the /etc directory with git is a common procedure within the Gentoo community - although tools exist to solve configuration file change management (such as dispatch-conf or etckeeper).

Quick and dirty

The gist of dirty configuration file management with git is as follows:

  1. Change to the /etc directory:
    root #cd /etc
    Initialize a new git repository:
    root #git init
    Commit initial the initial state and any further known good revisions:
    root #git add * # add all files not in git to the .gitignore file
    root #git commit -m 'required'
  2. To investigate revisions:
    root #git rev-list #display all revisions
  3. To checkout/load a specific revision:
    root #git checkout #<(insert a revision hash here>
  4. To revert unwanted changes:
    root #git reset --hard # undo all changes from revision checked out
    • Alternatively:
      root #git reset
      root #git checkout .

See also

  • dispatch-conf — a utility included with Portage, used to safely and conveniently manage configuration files after package updates.
  • etckeeper — a collection of tools to store /etc in a VCS (version control) repository, to keep a backup of changes to system configuration files