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tmux-mem-cpu-load is a small program designed for system monitoring in the status line of tmux.


USE flags

There are currently no USE flags for this program.


For user convenience the package has been included in official Gentoo repositories:

root #emerge --ask app-misc/tmux-mem-cpu-load


tmux integration

For proper integration, tmux's configuration file will need to be modified to include references to tmux-mem-cpu-load. If a configuration file does not exist, which is the default for new tmux installs, the main article has information on how to obtain one.

Once the configuration file has been set add tmux-mem-cpu-load references. The following example will use a configuration file based on the Wiki's example that has been copied to a user's home directory using the following command:

user $bzcat /usr/share/doc/tmux-2.0/examples/h-boetes.conf.bz2 > ~/.tmux.conf
FILE ~/.tmux.confAdding tmux-mem-cpu-load references
set -g status-interval 2
set -g status-left "#S #[fg=green,bg=black]#(tmux-mem-cpu-load -i 2)#[default]"
set -g status-left-length 60


user $tmux-mem-cpu-load -h
The interval and graph lines options are now specified with flags.

tmux-mem-cpu-load v3.4.0
Usage: tmux-mem-cpu-load [OPTIONS]

Available options:
-h, --help
         Prints this help message
-c, --colors
        Use tmux colors in output
-p, --powerline-left
        Use powerline left symbols throughout the output, enables --colors
-q, --powerline-right
        Use powerline right symbols throughout the output, enables --colors
-i <value>, --interval <value>
        Set tmux status refresh interval in seconds. Default: 1 second
-g <value>, --graph-lines <value>
        Set how many lines should be drawn in a graph. Default: 10
-m <value>, --mem-mode <value>
        Set memory display mode. 0: Default, 1: Free memory, 2: Usage percent.
-t <value>, --cpu-mode <value>
        Set cpu % display mode. 0: Default max 100%, 1: Max 100% * number of threads.
-a <value>, --averages-count <value>
        Set how many load-averages should be drawn. Default: 3

tmux-mem-cpu-load can be called independently for stand-alone operation or for use as a system status monitor in other programs. In order for the monitor to persist in the terminal, call it using the watch utility:

user $watch tmux-mem-cpu-load

See also

  • tmux-resurrect - A plugin that persists tmux sessions across system restarts.

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