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This page is a template. It contains some standardized, often used text, which can be transcluded inside other pages. As this template is widely used in our wiki, it may be protected in which case only staff members can change it. Use the discussion page to propose enhancements or fixes, or to voice your opinion.

Use this template to extract the language code of subpages. If transcluded on a translated page, the template returns the language code of the subpage (e.g. de for a /de subpage) or defaults to en otherwise.


Add this code to the page text:

{{Lang subpage}}


lang (optional)
Specify a language code. Useful for testing and documentation purposes.
page (optional)
Specify a page title. Useful for testing and documentation purposes.


See also the template's testcases:

No parameter
Wiki code {{Lang subpage}}

Main version en
Sandbox version en
Parameter: page
Wiki code {{Lang subpage|page=LongTitle}} {{Lang subpage|page=LongTitle/en}} {{Lang subpage|page=LongTitle/de}} {{Lang subpage|page=LongTitle/Longer/de}} {{Lang subpage|page=dd}}

Main version en


Sandbox version en


Trimmed test
Wiki code ___{{Lang subpage}}___

Main version ___en___
Sandbox version ___en___
As this template is used in generating URLs, no spacing is allowed.
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