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This page is a template. It contains some standardized, often used text, which can be transcluded inside other pages. As this template is widely used in our wiki, it may be protected in which case only staff members can change it. Use the discussion page to propose enhancements or fixes, or to voice your opinion.

This template describes a short description of a page.


Describes a short description of a page

Template parameters


A page name. The page needs to contain an Article description property in order for this template to work.

This template is configured to automatically work with translations only if the target page contains a translated sub-page containing a properly translated Article description property.

For example, if the calling translated article ends with a /ru (for Russian translation), then the unnamed parameter must also be able to link to sub-page with the same /ru value. If the target /ru does not (yet) exist, expected behavior is for the template to return the English version of the Article description property.


See the template's testcases:

Parameter: unnamed
Wiki code {{Description|Portage}}

Main version the official package manager and distribution system for Gentoo.
Sandbox version the official package manager and distribution system for Gentoo.
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