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I noticed when trying to follow this configuration for UBOOT that the Partition type on the MMC will not allow you to enter that value in. It requires a HEX value but I am unsure what value should be there. I will test with leaving the value out and see if I can get a successful boot.

KERNEL SPL boot flow configuration options
-> Enable SPL (SPL [=y])
  -> SPL configuration options
    [*] MMC raw mode: by sector
    (0x1024) Address on the MMC to load U-Boot from
    (0x10) U-Boot main hardware partition image offset
    [*] MMC Raw mode: by partition
    (1)   Partition to use to load U-Boot from (NEW)
    [*]   MMC raw mode: by partition type
    (BC13C2FF-59E6-4262-A352-B275FD6F7172) Partition Type on the MMC to load U-Boot from (NEW)
    [*] Support CPU drivers
    [*] Support FAT filesystems
    (u-boot.itb) File to load for U-Boot from the filesystem (NEW)