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TUXEDO Control Center UI

This article is a guide about installing TUXEDO's Linux drivers and Control Center on Gentoo Linux - software for vendor-specific TUXEDO hardware.


First enable these Kernel options[1] to make the compiling of app-laptop/tuxedo-keyboard and sys-power/tuxedo-cc-wmi packages possible.

KERNEL Enable ACPI WMI in 5.15.32-gentoo-r1
[*] Networking Support  --->
  <*> RF switch subsystem support
Device Drivers  --->
  Input device support  --->
    [*] Generic input layer (needed for keyboard, mouse, ...)
  {*} Hardware Monitoring support
  Graphics support  --->
    Backlight & LCD device support  --->
      [*] Lowlevel Backlight controls
  [*] X86 Platform Specific Device Drivers  --->
    [*] WMI


root #emerge --ask app-laptop/tuxedo-keyboard

These modules should be automatically loaded when booting:[2]

FILE /etc/modules-load.d/tuxedo.confLoad custom modules at boot

To configure the backlighting of the laptop's keyboard, edit /etc/modprobe.d/tuxedo_keyboard.conf. For other configuration options, see the tuxedo-keyboard README.

FILE /etc/modprobe.d/tuxedo_keyboard.confStatic white backlighting
options tuxedo_keyboard mode=0 color_left=0xFFFFFF color_center=0xFFFFFF color_right=0xFFFFFF

Before rebooting, add this service:

root #rc-update add tccd default

Control Center

TUXEDO Computers provides an application to control various hardware components. A binary package exists in the Gentoo tree.

root #emerge --ask app-laptop/tuxedo-control-center-bin

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