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st is an extremely minimal terminal emulator for the X environment made by the community. st is configured by editing C source code header files, and recompiling. The suckless website states that the project focuses on advanced and experienced computer users.


USE flags

USE flags for x11-terms/st Simple terminal implementation for X

savedconfig Use this to restore your config from /etc/portage/savedconfig ${CATEGORY}/${PN}. Make sure your USE flags allow for appropriate dependencies

Preferably, savedconfig USE flag can be enabled and save a customized configuration file to /etc/portage/savedconfig/x11-terms/st for later editing pleasure.

root #euse --enable savedconfig


Install x11-terms/st:

root #emerge --ask x11-terms/st


If installed without the savedconfig USE flag, upon recompilation custom settings stored in /etc/portage/savedconfig/x11-terms/st will be lost after dispatch-conf (depending on chosen option).

As stated previously, the main st configuration file is the /etc/portage/savedconfig/x11-terms/st file and after each change, st needs to be recompiled for any changes to take effect.

Patches and additional features

There are many user-created patches available from the official site that greatly extend the functionality of st. See /etc/portage/patches on how to apply these patches automatically.



Delete key is not working properly

Add following to the /etc/inputrc to make a system-wide change:

FILE /etc/inputrc
set enable-keypad on

Or to the relative user's ~/.inputrc file:

FILE ~/.inputrc
$include /etc/inputrc
set enable-keypad on