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GNOME is a feature-rich desktop environment provided by the GNOME project. It is one of the most widely-used desktop environments for Linux desktops and has been an important part of Gentoo for many years.

Gentoo currently has GNOME version 3, that features a redesigned UI, which is a total upheaval for users of GNOME 2. Getting familiar with it, at least for its basics, only takes a matter of minutes provided the user is directed to the right entry point. A rather good entry point to quickly get familiar with this new UI is the GNOME Help page.

Attempting to launch GNOME on Wayland while using the proprietary (binary blob) NVIDIA kernel module is unsupported. See this troubleshooting section for more details.

See the GNOME Guide sub-article for a more detailed approach on installing, configuring, and using GNOME.

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