Sony Vaio SVE

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"Chroot: illegal instruction" for amd64. Architecture x86 is working excellent.


Winbond 25Q32CVSIG

Programming is not working.

Backlight - screen brightness

echo 255 > /sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl0/brightness

To set brightness at startup create udev rule to load brightness level:

FILE /etc/udev/rules.d/91-backlight.rulesudev event to load brightness at boot
# loading brightness
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="backlight", RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'echo 150 > /sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl0/brightness'"

Shift keys now working problem

Solution is to bind any other key to Shift.


  • get key number:
# showkey
  • create file
keycode 86 = Shift Shift Shift Shift
  • load key assigment:
# loadkeys

can be placed in ̃/.bashrc file


setxkbmap -option caps:shiftlock


$ xmodmap .xmodmap

where .xmodmap:

keycode 66 = Shift_L

you can get 66 with

̩$ xev

Tested and works

  • Ethernet
  • Wifi
  • Touchpad
  • Audio
  • HDMI and HDMI Audio


- Function keys is not working