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The slapd daemon runs within the slapd_t domain and can only be transitioned towards through the sysadm_t (general system administrative domain) or initrc_t (init script launched) domains.

File types/labels

The following table lists the file type/labels defined in the ldap module.

Type Function Description
slapd_exec_t Entrypoint Executable entry point for the slapd daemon binaries
slapd_etc_t Configuration Label for OpenLDAP configuration files
slapd_cert_t Configuration Label for certificate keystores used by OpenLDAP
slapd_db_t Configuration Label for the OpenLDAP database files (backend content)
slapd_replog_t Configuration Label for the slurpd replication log location
slapd_lock_t Label for the lock files (runtime)
slapd_tmp_t Label for the temporary files
slapd_var_run_t Label for the runtime variable data
slapd_initrc_exec_t Label for non-Gentoo init script