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The named_t domain can only be transitioned towards through the initrc_t domain (i.e. through init scripts). The ndc_t domain (for the named domain controller) can be transitioned towards through the initrc_t and sysadm_t (general system administration) domains.

File types/labels

The following table lists the file type/labels defined in the bind module.

Type Function Description
named_exec_t Entrypoint Entrypoint domain for the named binaries
named_initrc_exec_t Entrypoint Entrypoint domain for non-Gentoo init scripts
named_checkconf_exec_t Entrypoint Entrypoint for the checkconf binary
ndc_exec_t Entrypoint Entrypoint for the ndc binaries
dnssec_t Configuration Label for the key files used by the named daemon
named_zone_t Configuration Label for the primary zone files
named_cache_t Configuration Label for the cached zone files
named_conf_t Configuration Label for the named configuration files
named_log_t Configuration Label for the named log files
named_tmp_t Label for the named temporary files
named_var_run_t Label for the named runtime variable data

Using the bind SELinux module

SELinux boolean: named_write_master_zones

The named policy offers one boolean called named_write_master_zones which, when enabled, allows the named daemon to write to its master zone files (i.e. named_zone_t). This is used in master/slave setups.