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Rygel is a home media solution (UPnP AV MediaServer).

Setup using an init script

This setup is unsupported by Gentoo, do not report bugs or complain to the maintainer if things do not work.

Setup Rygel upnp/dlna media server

For this howto we can not (yet) use the tracker and dbus interface. The reason is that we start rygel as a daemon with an init script. This is means we do not have a dbus user session and thus can not use tracker and have to rely on the media export plugin's ability to scan the directories.

This howto is split over the following sections:

  • USE flags and merging rygel
  • create user and group
  • copy/create the files
  • The init script + config file
  • Modify the config file


USE flags

USE flags for net-misc/rygel Rygel is an open source UPnP/DLNA MediaServer

gtk Add support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
gtk-doc Build and install gtk-doc based developer documentation for dev-util/devhelp, IDE and offline use
introspection Add support for GObject based introspection
sqlite Add support for sqlite - embedded sql database
test Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)
tracker Install dependencies for the tracker plugin
transcode Install dependencies for transcoding support

Enabling the tracker USE flag brings in most of X and GNOME. No D-Bus session is available so there is no way to connect to tracker.


Install Rygel:

root #emerge --ask net-misc/rygel
Rygel relies on GStreamer so check media-plugin/gst-plugins-meta and the individual media-plugins/gst-plugin-*' packages for additional video/audio format support.

create user and group

root #useradd --system -c "Rygel media server" --user-group --create-home --base-dir /var/lib --shell /sbin/nologin rygel

copy files

Copy the 2 files to the respective folders and you should be able to start the server.

FILE /etc/init.d/rygel
# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $

depend() {
		need net

start() {
		checkpath -f -o ${RYGEL_USER} -m 644 ${RYGEL_LOGFILE}
		ebegin "Starting Rygel"
		start-stop-daemon --start  --background --quiet \
				--make-pidfile \
				--pidfile ${RYGEL_PIDFILE} \
				--user ${RYGEL_USER} \
				--group ${RYGEL_GROUP} \
				--stdout ${RYGEL_LOGFILE} \
				--stderr ${RYGEL_LOGFILE} \
				--exec /usr/bin/rygel -- --config ${RYGEL_CONFIG} \
		eend $?

stop() {
		ebegin "Stopping Rygel"
		start-stop-daemon --stop --retry 10 --quiet --pidfile ${RYGEL_PIDFILE}
		eend $?
FILE /etc/conf.d/rygel
# /etc/conf.d/rygel: config file for /etc/init.d/rygel

#Rygel pid file
#Log file
#Run as user
#Rygel group
#Path to config file
#Rygel options

Modify config file

If started with the init script you will want to modify the uri option. Add the directories you like it to search for media.

FILE /etc/rygel.conf
title=@REALNAME@'s media
# List of URIs to export. Following variables are automatically substituted by
# the appropriate XDG standard media folders by Rygel for you.
#       * @MUSIC@: The standard music folder (typically ${HOME}/Music).
#       * @VIDEOS@: The standard videos folder (typically ${HOME}/Videos).
#       * @PICTURES@: The standard pictures folder (typically ${HOME}/Pictures).

Setup using shell-session

shell-session is a script created by eva and is available from github. It is supposed to create a dbus session for rygel under a regular user and from /home/<user> and then start /etc/xdg/autostart (which has en entry for rygel). I tried this and it seems to not work very well for me. At this point I can't really recommend this but if someone has more success please update this wiki page.