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This article is a stub. Please help out by expanding it (how to get started).

Qtile is an open-source tiling window manager that is written in, and extended with, the Python programming language.



Apply these USE flags before emerging Qtile:

root #echo x11-libs/cairo X glib opengl svg >> /etc/portage/package.use/qtile

Then emerge Qtile:

root #emerge --ask x11-wm/qtile

Qtile currently has no package-specific USE flags.


Qtile can be customized by editing the config file in ~/.config/qtile/config.py. This file is generated when there is no present configuration file. If Qtile is running while configuring it, restart Qtile using its default keybind, Super+Ctrl+Q to apply changes.

The default configuration file can be found at https://github.com/qtile/qtile/blob/master/libqtile/resources/default_config.py.

To check if the changes are written correctly:

user $python3 -m py_compile ~/.config/qtile/config.py