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a special directory created by Gentoo developers which generally contains files that set environment variables for various applications.  +
<span style="font-family: monospace; font-size: 95%">/etc/local.d/</span> can contain small programs or light scripts to be run when the local service is started or stopped.  +
the primary configuration directory for [[Portage]], Gentoo's package manager.  +
a global <span style="font-family: monospace; font-size: 95%">bashrc</span> file referenced by Portage.  +
a file that contains a simple list of valid categories that may be used in repositories and the <var>PKGDIR</var> variable.  +
a file containing variables that define color classes used by Portage.  +
a file containing groups of licenses that may be specified in the <var>[[:/etc/portage/make.conf#ACCEPT_LICENSE|ACCEPT_LICENSE]]</var> variable.  +
used to customize the [[Portage]] environment on a global level.  +
指定当前系统使用的存储库的位置和设置  +
used to customize the Portage environment on a global level.  +
used to customize the Portage environment on a global level.  +
służy do dostosowywania środowiska Portage na poziomie globalnym.  +
Portage の環境を全ユーザーに対して設定するために使用されます。  +
用于在全局级别自定义 Portage 环境。  +
usato per modificare l'ambiente di Portage a livello globale.  +
verwendet, um die Portage-Umgebung auf globaler Ebene anzupassen.  +
a file that is used to modify mirror behavior.  +
used to override the metadata cache implementation.  +
files or directories of files containing definitions for per-package <var>ACCEPT_KEYWORDS</var> statements.  +
used for modifying Portage's environmental variables, such as those specified in the <span style="font-family: monospace; font-size: 95%">[[:/etc/portage/make.conf]]</span> file, on a per-package basis.  +