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  • Add filter-lto to flag-o-matic.eclass (done, see cd9e814fc88a9d2c2ba427fef950cebbae2f6edb)
    • Trivial glob is a bit messy but also matches stuff like -fno-lto, hence this is needed (e.g. bug #838115)
    • Needs to handle non-obvious flags which require LTO (e.g. bug #853280)
  • Review blockers of the LTO tracker (bug #618550) and fix appropriately
  • Review list of failures from the gentooLTO overlay and fix appropriately
  • Formulate a policy on USE=lto

Signs a package is unsafe

  • Any -Wodr warnings
  • Any -Wlto-type-mismatch warnings
  • Any -Wstrict-aliasing warnings
  • Test failures with LTO but passes without
  • Failure to build with e.g. multiple LTO partitions

Other distros

  • Debian plans to default to LTO either for bookworm or bookworm+1.